BGen Rhoderick Parayno, CRSAFP commander personally expressed his appreciation to the honorees for supporting the Armed Forces throughout their term during the retirement ceremonies for retiring senior Non-Commissioned Officers held at the Civil Relations Service, Multi-purpose Hall in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

In his speech, MSg Rosendo Z Pamati-an thanked the people he have met along the way. He is grateful for the experiences while wearing the Army uniform, including this one, today.

“What am I bringing with me as I leave active duty? The friends, the relationships, the mementos, and the memories. I am also leaving with some more wisdom in my soul, a few less defenses around my heart, a wonderful family, and a future full of life.” he added.

The heart, the soul and the life’s blood of every military formation is its people. The success of this great Alliance—an Alliance for good—rests squarely on the shoulders of its people… and that success depends heavily on the NCOs who serve as trainers, mentors and most importantly leaders.

Today, the CRS is in grateful recognition of the members who are retiring from a career of long, faithful, and honorable service. Each retirees receives a Command Plaque and a Certificate of Commendation.

Their wives were given a Certificate of Appreciation for their unselfish, faithful and devoted support to their husbands lasting contribution and dedicated service tot he Armed Forces of the Philippines and to our nation.

Honorees and their wives join for a photo opportunity with the CRSAFP commander BGen Parayno and Mrs Parayno. – Cpl Lapidez/IDG
Awarding of Command Plaque to Sgt Rebua PN(M) – Cpl Lapidez/IDG
Awarding of Command Plaque to BM3 Araos PN – Cpl Lapidez/IDG
Awarding of Command Plaque to SSg Estrada PAF – Cpl Lapidez/IDG
Awarding of Command Plaque to MSg Pamati-an PA – Cpl Lapidez/IDG
Awarding of Command Plaque to MSg Dayon PA -Cpl Lapidez/IDG