AFP, prepared to undertake the tasks to ensure public safety

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That act of owning the explosion is something we expect the ASG to claim.

The post-blast investigation by the PNP is underway and it is expected to come up with conclusive, official findings.

That notwithstanding, if this was an act perpetrated by any group or by any individual, they will be made to answer for this dastardly crime.

The AFP, by virtue of the declaration of “state of lawlessness” in Mindanao by the CinC, responds to the call and is prepared to undertake the tasks to ensure public safety.

Related to that pronouncement, the entire AFP is placed on Red Alert. I have directed all Area Commanders to coordinate with their counterparts at the Philippine National Police.

We once again ask for the cooperation of the public as we tackle this affront to our democracy.

We ask our people to bear with us as we dutifully but courteously conduct our checkpoints and increase our presence in some areas. Your soldiers are there to ensure that public will be safe and that no criminals or terrorists lurk in our streets and perpetrate another vicious act.

We are calling for vigilance among our people. That is our first line of defense and the ultimate measure to attain collective security.

Finally, we urge our people to remain calm and continue with their normal lives as we, as a people, go through this test of our resolve to fight terrorism and criminality. -Gen Ricardo R Visaya AFP

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