How to Join the Philippine Air Force

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paf-recruitmentHow to join the Philippine Air force?

Just like the other fields of the AFP like the army, navy, marines etc., for beginners, cadets and aspirants, you will have to undergo training. The PAF offers and conducts Air Force Candidate Soldier examination each year. Your first step is to apply, take the exam for the basic military training school and pass it. You must meet all the requirements.

Philippine Air Force Enlistment Qualifications:

All Candidate Soldier applicants must:

Be male or female, natural born Filipino citizens
18 – 23 years of age upon admission for training

[ANNOUNCEMENT: For CS applicants PAF allows at least 18 years old and not more than 23 upon enlistment on 22 December 2017 born from 22 December 1994 to 22 December 1999.]


Single, never married and no legal obligation to support a child or children
Have completed at least 72 units in college
At least 5 feet in height (152.5 cm) for both male and female
(Indigenous people or member must submit certification from the National Commission on Indigenous People Main Office)
With good moral character

Physically and mentally fit for military training
From the application form, physical defects such as the following would demerit or disqualify the application:

Pierced ear/s for males and extra piercing for females
Crossed eyedness
Bow leggedness
Excess/lacking finger
Requirements for Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate (PAFOC)

Educational Attainment: PAFOC- Baccalaureate Degree Holder
Age: PAFOC – 21 to 29 years old upon admission for training (born from 01 January 1986 to 01 August 1994)
Philippine Air Force Requirements Exam, Recruitment 2017

Application Form (Download it here)
NSO authenticated birth certificate
TOR (Transcript of Records) or Diploma
Two 2×2 recent colored photos
Fill out the application form properly and correctly. You may submit photocopies of your NSO birth certificate and TOR but I suggest you also bring the original copies to prove their authenticity.
If you have passed the written examination, you will be asked to submit additional documents and requirements for reference like NBI clearance, marriage contract of parents, etc. You’ll also need to pass a Physical Fitness Test which includes push ups, sit ups, and 3.2km run. Wow, that sounds so challenging isn’t it?

CS applicants who will pass the written examinations and who will be included in the qualified applicants to be processed will be notified to report at their Processing Centers for their Physical Fitness Test (PFT).
PAFOC applicants who will pass the written examinations will be notified to report at PAFPMC for the Special Written Exam (SWE).

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